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Ec0 - camping in your own private patch of Pembrokeshire

"The Best campsite I have ever visited" - Sara Robinson, Western Telegraph 2021


King's Mill is a grade II listed 18th century water mill located a stones throw from the world famous Freshwater West Beach. King's Mill and the surrounding area is steeped in history and waiting to be explored.  A mill has been on the site since the 1500's. There have been monks and millers here over many generations but when the waterwheel stopped turning and the gears fell silent in 1910, sadly the building was left to degrade. 
Since 2016 we have been painstakingly renovating and restoring the buildings. It is a lifetimes work and we are far from finished but we invite you to be a part of our journey by staying here  and enjoying what we think is a very special place. 

Our vision is to leave the 16 acres as wild as possible. We have planted acres of new native deciduous woodland and sown millions of native wild flower seeds. We have an abundance of rare flora and fauna here and we want to protect our little part of the environment for future generations to come. 

Don’t expect manicured lawns and tarmac roads. Expect open spaces, thistles and thorns, bees and bugs and a true sense of getting back to nature. Here you are welcome to explore our ancient woodland  and have a campfire in your own little private piece of wild Pembrokeshire. 

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